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Scientific Publications


Well-defined Cu2O photocatalysts for solar fuels and chemicals (15 Feb 2021)
Sourav Rej, Matteo Bisetto, Alberto Naldoni, Paolo Fornasiero (INSTM)

Facile Surfactant-Assisted Synthesis of BiVO4 Nanoparticulate Films for Solar Water Splitting (15 Oct 2021)
Laura Montañés, Camilo A. Mesa , Ana Gutiérrez-Blanco, Christian Robles , Beatriz Julián-López, Sixto Giménez (INAM)

Photodoping and Fast Charge Extraction in Ionic Carbon Nitride Photoanodes (7 Aug 2021)
Christiane Adler, Shababa Selim, Igor Krivtsov, Chunyu Li, Dariusz Mitoraj, Benjamin Dietzek, James R. Durrant, Radim Beranek (ICL)

Electrocatalytic CO2 reduction: role of the cross-talk at nano-carbon interfaces (21 Oct 2021)
Michele Melchionna, Paolo Fornasiero, Maurizio Prato, Marcella Bonchio (INSTM)

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